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the e-pen is one of the most popular vape kits on the market with its ease of use and compact size you can see why it’s so popular a respectable 650 milliamp hour battery powers the e-pen which will see most users through for a full day [Music] charging your battery is extremely easy too simply attach the usb cable provided to either a mains plug or a computer with the click fit pod vape devices alibaba (online) system swapping to a new flavor or replacing your pod is extremely straightforward simply pull out the old pod and replace it with a fresh new pod views pods come in a range of flavors and nicotine strengths each pod contains two milliliters of e-liquid giving you roughly 200 puffs so you’re guaranteed to find a taste and experience to suit your personal preference each pack contains two e-pen pods if you’re still using the vipe e-pen 3 and have a few pods left over fear not the view z-pen is fully compatible with the original vipe e-pen 3 pods once you’ve chosen a flavor nicotine strength and nicotine type simply hold the power button to activate the device and enjoy a smooth full-flavored and satisfying draw the views e-pen comes in a variety of different colors which will fit any style views e pen new name same great performance thanks for watching our quick look at the views e-pen don’t forget to like and subscribe for more like this you