School sued after they threatened to kick boy out over his CORNROWS  

The Durham City Council on Tuesday voted to ban employers from discriminating based on hairstyles, WRAL-TV reported.

It´s an issue that Black people, especially women, say they´ve faced in their careers.

No designs, Mohawks, pony tail, braids, buns, no hair color.’ According to the New York Daily News, the school’s handbook says boys must maintain hair that is: ‘neat and trim, In knowing no longer than the top of the shirt collar.

While several other states, including Virginia, California, New York and New Jersey, have passed similar legislation, Durham is among one of the first cities in North Carolina to ban hair-based discrimination.

The city council is also scheduled to vote Thursday on a resolution in support of Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair, or CROWN Act, a federal bill that bans discrimination based on hair.

Over the past several years, Apple has been very vocal about its plans to reduce its carbon footprint. In some ways, an iPhone subscription plan looks like the logical next step. The offering could include the option to swap out older devices for newer models, according to the report, possibly giving iPhone shoppers another incentive to recycle their old iPhones through Apple.

Models strutted under the fresco ceiling of the French capital’s Hotel de Ville wearing mostly black but two head-to-toe white looks stood out with asymmetrical blazer, ruffled skirt with raw edge details and sneakers.

Aside from potentially helping Apple reduce waste, an iPhone subscription plan could be better for your wallet. Apple, wireless carriers and retailers already offer major trade-in discounts and monthly installment plans. But unlike those existing payment options, this new offering wouldn’t split the cost of the device over 12 or 24 months, reports Bloomberg. 

“It is absolutely a form of racial discrimination,” said Durham County District Attorney Satana Deberry, who helped push for the legal protections. Early in her career, Deberry said, a court clerk pulled her aside and suggested she reconsider her short afro.

Carriers already offer aggressive trade-in deals, particularly around iPhone launch season, to entice new customers and lock in current subscribers. Such bargains were a big focus during Apple’s iPhone 13 launch, with carriers like AT&T and Verizon offering to cover the base cost for certain models of Apple’s newest iPhone. However, these discounts often require customers to trade in their old phone and subscribe to the right plan. 

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The company only just introduced a program, in November, that allows gadget owners to order components from Apple to repair their own devices. And despite the progress Apple has made in its green initiatives, such moves come after it’s faced years of criticism about the repairability of its iPhones and other products.

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It comes as North Carolina municipalities are acting to expand LGBT rights since the expiration of a moratorium on nondiscrimination ordinances agreed to years ago as a compromise to do away with the state´s “bathroom bill.” The ordinance also protects residents from discrimination based on gender identity, sexuality and military status, The News & Observer reported.

People who work in hair care see the problem: Salon owner Kito Jones said one client who worked as a neurosurgeon used hair relaxers because she felt pressured to conform.

The woman´s hair then started falling out, Jones said.

PARIS, March 4 (Reuters) – True to its codes of draping techniques, layering and unfinished looks, Yohji Yamamoto’s autumn and winter collection displayed Friday in Paris showcased busy designs with lace skirts, shredded garments and inflated dresses.

Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko was arrested on Friday and is accused of conspiracy to commit corruption, failure to comply with laws related to procurement, unlawful acquisition of public property and laundering the proceeds of crime.

NAIROBI, Dec 9 (Reuters) – Police in the Kenyan capital sealed off a court building where the governor of Nairobi County was due to be charged with corruption and other economic crimes on Monday, guarding against threatened protests by his supporters.

Just like you’d trade in your car once your lease is up, perhaps this program could help make iPhone trade-ins a standard industry practice rather than just an option to save money.  On average, only 20% of electronic waste is officially reported and properly collected, says a January 2019 report from the World Economic Forum and Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy. Though it’s true Apple and other retailers already offer trade-in programs, global recycling rates have been low If you have any type of inquiries relating to where and the best ways to make use of In knowing, you could call us at our own webpage. .