One to One Yoga Class

Treatment will be given through Yoga based on Specific procedure for your requirement or Concern we  cure Weight Loss, Stress, Diabetes, Thyroid , Knee pain, Anxiety, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Digestive Problems, Sinus, PCOS, PCOD, Sleeplessness, Acne, Paralysis, Skin Disease, Asthma, Migraine and many other Health issues.

Whether your issue is weight management, or any chronic disease ailment, stress management, insomnia or any other lifestyle disease, yoga has the answer to all your queries. All you need is determination to get on your yoga mat everyday without fail and follow the voice of your yoga guru to see the magic happen. Your yoga teacher is your mentor in this journey of self-discovery. Our online personal classes give you the opportunity.

We believe you learn more in a private yoga (One to One) session than you would learn in a bunch of few people! This is because the personal class is designed according to your Health, Flexibility, Age, Medical History and Expectations.

It is a chance for you to get one on one proper guidance and attention to develop your understanding of Yoga and to learn correct alignment in your practice. It will help you to build confidence so that you can practice at home alone after one to one classes.

Benefits of One To One Class

Who should join One to One class?

  1. BEGINNERS : I have seen in many classes beginners suffer to get into perfect alignment and to follow instructions given by Class Instructor. If you are starting out in yoga but really want to learn the correct way and alignment to do the poses (asanas) then the private class is the best option for you instead of joining a Group Classes. Once you learn proper alignment, you can continue practice with group classes.

  2. INJURY: People who are working with injuries or recovering from an illness will greatly benefit from the one on one attention. Nowadays doctors and physiotherapist also suggest doing gentle yoga to recover speedily after injury.

  3. UNSUITABLE TIMINGS: People who struggle to get to classes as per their personal routine timetable get benefit from taking one to one classes for at least 2 weeks and later continue their practice at home.

One to One Classes have three options